• Gregory A. Shiffner Is An Accomplished Businessman

  • Posted on July 21, 2015
  • Gregory A. Shiffner serves as the Director of EcoTech Solutions, a company that is chiefly concerned with creating dynamic, innovative, efficient lighting products. Gregory A. Shiffner's experience and senior leadership has been key to EcoTech Solutions' success in the last couple of years. He oversees a highly professional staff who can collectively claim more than one-hundred-and-fifty years of experience.

    EcoTech Solutions is known for creating professional lighting alternatives, especially those that make use of LED fixtures. They can conduct energy audits, alternatives reviews, rebates and incentives forecasts, funding proposal analysis, turn-key project presentations, project management, or lighting product installations. Gregory A. Shiffner has pushed the staff at EcoTech Solutions to create products which promise attractive financial rates of return due to being more energy efficient. The installation of EcoTech Solutions' products are all performed by licensed labor in order to ensure high quality workmanship and transparency in the process.

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